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  • mp3Amazon is the latest to offer clothes-by-mail to try on at home
    Amazon just announced its latest service -- Prime Wardrobe. Adding to its growing list of fashion-focused offerings, the service makes shopping for clothes online a commitment-free experience, one of the few advantages brick-and-mortar stores still had on online retailers. With Prime Wardrobe, you can pick out a number of items,... Read more »
  • mp3Varjo promises a VR headset with 'human eye-resolution'
    A Finnish company called Varjo that has been working in secret until now has unveiled a new type of VR and AR headset code-named "20/20." It supposedly has a display with "human eye-resolution" quality of over 70 megapixels versus around 1.2 megapixels per eye for the Oculus Rift and HTC... Read more »
  • mp3Researchers can now desalinate seawater with the power of the Sun
    One of the oldest means of extracting potable liquid from seawater involves distillation, basically boiling the water into steam and then cooling the purified vapor in condensation tubes. Problem is, this method is incredibly power intensive with nearly half of the input energy going towards just boiling the water. But,... Read more »
  • mp3Bendable, Stretchable Batteries Provide a Jump Start for Wearable Tech
    Incorporating electronic components into everything we wear is the fashion trend of the future. But those LEDs, health sensors, heaters and whatever else we’ll come up with all need energy. A battery is a logical solution, but it’s been difficult to design one that’s rugged and efficient, but also comfortable.... Read more »
  • mp310 Metrics Your Chatbot Should Track to Optimize User Experience
    incorporating a chatbot into your marketing campaign can completely change the way you interact with your audiences... Read more »
  • mp3'Antivirus Software' That Protects Health Could Halt Next Pandemic
    This antivirus software protects health, not computers. Researchers are beginning to combat deadly infections using computer-generated antiviral proteins – a valuable tool to fight a future pandemic.... Read more »
  • mp3Scientists may have found a way to tan skin without damaging it
    Health At least on skin samples in a lab. Researchers identified a small molecule that successfully darkens skin without exposure to UV radiation from the sun. Read on.... Read more »
  • mp3New Study: Why Self-Employment Keeps Accelerating
    According to new research by MBO Partners, more than 40 million Americans are now self-employed--up nearly 3% since 2016. Here's why their numbers are on the rise.... Read more »
  • mp3Noninvasive Deep Brain Stimulation - Has Neuroscience's Holy Grail Been Found?
    A high-profile paper in Cell reports on a new brain stimulation method that's got many neuroscientists excited. The new technique, called temporal interference (TI) stimulation, is said to be able to reach structures deep inside the brain, using nothing more than scalp electrodes. Currently, the only way to stimulate deep brain... Read more »
  • mp3Researchers made a battery out of trash
    Pursuing more efficient sources of renewable energy has led to many iterations of the battery. But researchers just brought a really interesting new version to the table, one made from potassium ions and trash. The scientists started with rusty, recycled stainless steel mesh and used a potassium ferrocyanide solution --... Read more »