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  • mp3'Proton' battery uses cheap carbon instead of lithium
    A big challenge for the EV and renewable energy revolution is that the much-needed batteries are made from lithium, a relatively rare and pricey metal. Rather than focusing on other metals like magnesium, a team of scientists from RMIT University in Melbourne have figured it out to build rechargeable "proton"... Read more »
  • mp3Scientists find a way to postpone cell death
    A team of scientists from MSU and the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics of Russian Academy of Sciences (located in Pushchino) have studied the mechanisms of interaction between the Fas-ligand protein that causes cell death and a respective membrane receptor. To initiate cell death, the ligand needs to contact... Read more »
  • mp3Scientists engineer crops to conserve water, resist drought
    Agriculture already monopolizes 90 percent of global freshwater—yet production still needs to dramatically increase to feed and fuel this century's growing population. For the first time, scientists have improved how a crop uses water by 25 percent without compromising yield by altering the expression of one gene that is found... Read more »
  • mp3Google backs its Bristlecone chip to crack quantum computing
    Like every other major tech company, Google has designs on being the first to achieve quantum supremacy -- the point where a quantum computer could run particular algorithms faster than a classical computer. Today it's announced that it believes its latest research, Bristlecone, is going to be the processor to... Read more »
  • mp3How Millennials Are Changing the Food Industry
    Millennial's eating habits are quite different from their parents.... Read more »
  • mp3Magnetic nanoparticles will help stop internal bleeding 15 times more effectively
    Scientists from ITMO University have found a way to effectively stop internal bleeding via magnetically driven nanoparticles containing thrombin. A drug based on these nanoparticles can be injected intravenously and delivered straight to the site of a vascular injury. It can accelerate local clot formation and reduce overall blood loss... Read more »
  • mp3Harvard researchers make better, smarter walking aids
    Humans don't all look, talk, or walk the same, with us shifting our weight and style in order to save much energy as possible. This adaptability is a problem for researchers who want to build assistive devices for folks with mobility issues, however. It's what has prompted a team out... Read more »
  • mp39 Industries That Will Soon Be Disrupted By Blockchain
    Blockchain technology has the potential to solve business problems across an array of industries.... Read more »
  • mp3Millennials have a new shopping habit that could spell trouble for Forever 21 and H&M
    Facebook/Patagonia Millennials are increasingly buying clothing that's characterized by durability and utility.  This has led to a surge of interest in brands like The North Face and Patagonia.  With durable fashion in vogue, fast-fashion retailers, like H&M and Forever 21, that have been known for creating cheaper, more disposable clothing are likely... Read more »
  • mp3Here’s The World’s Most Powerful Wind Turbine
    GE’s new Haliade-X turbine is 853 feet tall–and it’s just the beginning of what could be a new age of giant, offshore wind power. In the world of offshore wind energy, bigger is normally better. Larger wind turbines reach higher in the air, where the wind is stronger. Bulkier blades... Read more »