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Pebble Time, the Color e-Paper Smartwatch

Why Electronic Paper?
Electronic Paper (or e-paper) is not anything new. It has been around for decades. E-paper was developed in the 1970s at Xerox by Nick Sheridon. Over the years, it has been used in wristwatches, e-books, newspapers, status displays on various electronics, mobile phones, and more. One electronic device that always comes to mind for me when I think of e-paper is Amazon’s e-book called Kindle.

Electronic paper is desirable to technology companies because it is less complex, cheaper, and can be viewed in brighter environments than other technologies (e.g. LCD). Downsides include slow refresh rate and sometimes faint images remain after they should have disappeared.

It’s Pebble Time
While many are either already wearing a smartwatch or are anticipating the arrival of the Apple Watch, a new contender has entered this space. Pebble is a color e-paper smartwatch with many of the features of more high tech smartwatches such as fitness tracking, notifications, microphone, music control, and over 6,500 apps. One big feature that sets Pebble apart from its competition is a 7-day battery life. A new Kickstarter campaign started today and at the time I am writing this post, over $7,500,000 has been pledged! Learn more about the watch and the campaign.

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